Delivering a ten-fold return on your investment by sourcing relevant work to price from
Contractors you are targeting
Construction Business Development is the creation of sustained work from new Clients and Main Contractors for your specific trade
and work areas within your industry sector, resulting in the building of long-term business relationships.
Essential BDM is the tasks and processes, which create potential growth opportunities with completely new Clients & Main Contractors.
It will underpin your main business and set out a standard approach to develop these new work opportunities and, working closely
with you and the company you want work for, with the use of bespoke project intelligence tools the UK's largest Project Hub will
drive a constantly flow of work to price.
Our Essential BDM objective is to deliver £200,000 worth of work, which at a 20% profit margin would deliver a £40,000
revenue profit return.
With cash being the lifeblood of any business Essential BDM is not an 'I-win-you-lose' scenario that creates value that's gone
tomorrow as easily as it came today. It's about creating opportunities for work that persists over the long-term; to keep the floodgates
open so that work can flow indefinitely. Essential BDM is a means to creating long-term work and is the only true way to succeed in consistently growing your business.
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